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ECollections aims at providing Drag and Drop replacements for .Net Collections which offer equivalent or greater performance at a greatly reduced memory footprint.

Some of the deliverables will be...
StringDictionary<T> a replacement for the .Net Dictionary<string,T>
StringValueBag<T> a StringDictionary<T> providing very fast lookups for values T contained in the collection using Bloom Filters
TwoWayStringDictionary<string, string> providing fast lookups by key or value.
TwoWayDictionary<T,U> providing fast lookups by key or value
... and many more.

Creating views on Keys/Values/Key-ValuePairs based on user provided criteria.

Keywords: C, .Net, Collections, EColections, Dictionary<T,U>, HashTable, Cuckoo Hashing, Bloom Filters, HashBag

Ashish Sharma

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